One of the many challenges that we working women face is trying to make time for ourselves without feeling guilty about it.  As a mother of two children who are at school and trying to juggle my work life balance, it is definitely difficult to find that me time when I can just chill out and relax.  There is always something to do or someone to meet or some event to attend, if not that then I have to travel for work.  Having the chance to relax and forget just how busy and chaotic my life can be for even a very short time is bliss.


The thing I have always struggled with about going to get my hair done or having a spa day was that feeling of guilt which always seemed to linger in the lead up to my appointments and then all the way through.  I couldn’t stop thinking about whether I should actually be using that time to treat the girls instead or do my usual work or whether or not I could actually still make the appointment without having to reschedule. Sometimes the weight of the guilt got so much that I couldn’t even enjoy these luxuries and never got to have the relaxing time that I should have enjoyed.


Eventually it became obvious to me that I needed this time to really look after myself and feel good about myself.  I was getting invited to more and more events and meetings that it was important for me to feel confident and comfortable in myself so that I could be the best version of myself and radiate a positive energy.  There have been so many times in the past when I have gone to an event and not felt comfortable or stressed about being overdressed or under dressed and that kind of insecurity is obvious to everyone around you.  I may come across confident but I assure you, I am only human and I have my fair share of insecurities.


Of course, when my daughters were younger it was pretty much impossible for me to even find time to think about pampering myself, never mind actually going out to do it! As they have grown up and rely on me less than when they were very young, it has been easier for me to enjoy some time to myself.


Now, I have managed to find a network of people who are willing to be flexible around my hectic schedule, can reschedule my appointments at the last minute and don’t have a problem with me cancelling on them.  They show empathy to my busy life and understand the need for sudden changes and I truly appreciate their willingness to accommodate me. I think finding these people has been key in finding the time to treat myself in the juggling act that is my diary.


It is massively important as a working woman and mother to find the time away from the craziness of everyday life and enjoy some quiet alone time before going back to the daily routine.

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