1. Always do your homework

If starting your own business is something new to you, there will be a LOT of things you will need to learn.  From the legal requirements of starting your own business to fully researching the industry you wish to join to seeking out competitors and how they communicate with their audience… the list is pretty long! Each industry is different so it can be helpful to seek advice from a mentor or someone you know who has done the same or similar to what you are trying to do.


  1. Persevere and stay determined

The journey to a successful business will never be smooth and there will be hurdles and probably a lot of rejection.  What is important during these tough times is how you deal with it – take each hurdle as a lesson and learn from it, the experience will help you in the long term.


  1. Find your strengths and use them

Starting your own business will also teach you a lot of things about yourself as a person and show characteristics you may never have known you had.  Refine these new skills and make them work to your advantage.


  1. Believe in yourself and your abilities

You need to be your own biggest supporter.  If you don’t think you have the ability to make your business a success, then nobody else will think that you can.  Confidence is key – this inspires others to believe in you.


  1. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight

Patience is key when starting your business – there will be days where you think you will never get that first deal but you have to persevere! Always keep the end goal in sight to keep you motivated and remind yourself that success will come eventually.


  1. Don’t fixate on mistakes – learn from them!

Every single person who started their own business made some mistakes – it is most likely that any business owner you ask for advice will share their experiences of mistakes and how they dealt with the consequences.  Errors are massive learning curves and the mistakes you make are not important, it is how you choose to deal with them.


  1. Always have a plan

It is important to have a rough idea of how you want to spend your time and resources, Things may not always go the way you expect them to but a basic plan and breakdown is a good referencing guide.


  1. Absorb everything – be a sponge!

Although it is important to speak with other entrepreneurs or have a business mentor to advise you, the opinions of your friends and family are also important as they will be honest and critical and keep you grounded.  They will probably be your first audience in the early stages before you reach the mentor stage so take advantage of their willingness to be involved in your journey.


  1. Speak to other successful entrepreneurs

Who better to ask for advice than someone who has gone through the exact same journey as you? Ask questions, take their advice and learn from their mistakes.  Their influence has the potential to have a positive impact on your entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Finally, be passionate

This point is similar to the previous tip about confidence – if you are not passionate about your business and what you are doing, how can you expect anyone else to be?  You started this business based on your initial idea that it would be a success – remember this and fight for it every day.


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