For those of you who don’t know much about me, let me (very quickly) introduce myself.

I am the CEO of PG Paper Company Ltd, taking care of paper and packaging needs all over the world – whatever your requirement, I have a team that can deliver!

As an Indian born woman living in Scotland, it is safe to say I had a major culture shock… the dialect was impossible to understand, it was cold and the rain? Well that just never stopped! Now I am happy to call Scotland my home, have got used to the rain and have perfected my Scottish slang.

My life is always so busy. I get to visit so many great places and attend some really inspiring events that I thought it was about time I shared some of my experiences.

Combining my work life with family life, travels and inspiring future entrepreneurs… I’ve always got a story to tell!

You can also read a recent interview with Fashion Herald here.


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One thought on “Welcome To My Blog”

  1. Great to see that you have started your own blog Poonam. Can’t wait to hear more stories from your exciting life.

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