We all know the saying “Team work makes the dream work” and I must say I absolutely agree with it.  I know I might go on a little about how great I think my team are but I honestly do think they are the best bunch of people.

Why is that?

Well, for me it is all about trust and I have complete faith in every member of staff that I have and know that they put in maximum effort on a daily basis.  It is because of this that I can go away on business for a few weeks at a time and know that everything at the office is still being managed efficiently and running smoothly.

Over the years as my business expanded, the number of staff I was hiring naturally increased too. With each new person who joined, it became more obvious that although they needed to be capable of doing the job required, I also had to consider the rest of the team and how they would fit in to the already established departments.

Of course, the key to a good team is everyone having their own different strengths which all combine to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency as well as employees who are happy coming to work every day. Finding that balance is not something that’s easy to achieve but it does become less intimidating with more hiring experience.

Everyone is unique with their strengths and their interests and it always amazes me how someone could be so passionate about a job that would be another person’s worst nightmare.

Take teachers for example.  I have met a lot of teachers over the years and I have a huge amount of respect for what they do….They are helping to sculpt the next generation and that is a lot of pressure on them! But I could never do what they do. Don’t get me wrong, I do like children and I enjoy helping my kids with their homework but the thought of standing up in front of 30 kids and trying to teach them makes me shudder! I definitely don’t have the patience for that…

I also remember talking to a very chirpy courier driver in the office one day and he was saying how he just loved his job.  He loved driving and getting paid to do it every day was a bonus for him! Again, this is another job I could never imagine myself doing.  I absolutely hate long car journeys, I get so bored! Especially when I’m alone and the music on the radio isn’t great.

I always remember this when I’m building my team and we all get such a buzz from identifying what each person is good at, what they can learn from someone more experienced and how everyone can work together to achieve the same end goal… that’s really what working effectively as a team means, isn’t it?

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