As I prepare for my journey from Glasgow to Tokyo for the umpteenth time, I’m beginning to get excited about returning to this vibrant city and the wonderful people that live there.

I think it is safe to say Tokyo is without a doubt, the cleanest city I have been to so far… I could literally walk for 2-3 kilometres and not come across any litter, any discarded cigarettes or gum stuck to the pavements.  It is so refreshing to see a population so proud of their city.  I have definitely been to a few other places that could take some tips from Tokyo on taking pride in their surroundings!

I wouldn’t say Tokyo is the most cosmopolitan city, it is very Japanese in appearance and culture…I know that sounds a little dense but in cities like New York or London, there are a variety of different cultures and nationalities showcasing a magnificent combination of the human race all in one place.  Walking down a street in one of these cities, you could probably come across someone from almost every continent.  Japan isn’t really like that, the cities here are a true representation of their culture and I guess the idea of pride shows here too – they are proud of their nationality.

Although, in contrast, the restaurant culture in Tokyo is very diverse and they have a particular love for Indian food.  Actually, some of the best Indian food that I have tried has been in Japan… and that’s coming from someone who was born and brought up in Delhi!

What I have found to be the most intriguing thing about my Tokyo visits is the mysterious vibe that the city gives.  It has been well documented that Tokyo is famous for its karaoke bars and geisha culture but this is never something that is in your face… you have to really know where to go to find this.  I have never felt unsafe to walk the streets of Tokyo and love exploring to find authentic Japanese entertainment.

The people in Japan are among the nicest and most genuine I have ever met.  When I have gone to Japan on business, I have always been treated so well – the hospitality is amazing! We are always being invited for lunch or dinner after our meetings.  They are so hardworking and dedicated to their jobs and that is something which I have huge respect for.  I actually don’t think they make a lot of time to date because they work so much!

I have found that the Japanese culture is actually quite similar to my Indian culture, especially when it comes to family.  Maybe that’s why I hold such high regard for them? I have heard that Japanese women give up working after marriage to focus on their family which was the tradition in my home country.  I don’t really know if that is entirely true though as I have come across women in business on my trips and it’s probably not a question I can just come out and ask!

I would certainly recommend visiting Japan if you every get the chance.  It is just such an amazing experience.  As Tokyo is one of my favourite cities to visit, I can’t really think of any negatives…. apart from the loooong flight I have to take to get there of course!

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