Improve brand awareness

  • Regular use can produce a wide audience in very little time
  • Presence across various platforms ensures a larger reach

Cost effective

  • Creating and setting up an account is free for almost all social media platforms (free advertising!!)
  • This allows a bigger budget for other marketing and advertising

Increase website traffic

  • Sharing content from your company website on social media platforms gives users a reason to click on to your website and read more
  • The more traffic you can direct to your website, the higher your conversion opportunities will be 

Analyse competitors

  • Their strategy will be obvious from the types of content they produce and how effective their methods are by viewing their user engagement and page follows/likes
  • Gauge what customers want/need from their interaction with competitors and provide this 

Enhanced SEO rankings

  • Social media enhances search engine results and increases the validity of your brand
  • This can put you above the competition in a search result (most customers will go for the highest ranking result)

Engage with customers and learn about their needs

  • Communication and engagement with customers is one of the best ways to win their attention, display your company’s products/messages and increase conversion rates
  • Allows you to establish your brand with no difficulty
  • Direct responses to customer comments is appreciated more than automated replies and will encourage future engagement

Improve customer loyalty

  • Being easy to find on social media allows customers to directly connect with you
  • This makes it more probable to retain customers and build loyalty
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